German-Turkish Year of Research, Education and Innovation 2014
The German-South African Year of Science 2012/2013
German-Russian year of Education, Science And Innovation 2011/12
German-Brazilian Year of Science, Technology and Innovation 2010/11
German-Chinese Year of Science and Education 2009/10
German-Israeli Year of Science and Technology 2008
German-Egyptian Year of Science and Technology 2007


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Dr. Harald Seitz

Fraunhofer Institute for biomedical Engeneering

Category: Health Innovation

Mr Ansu Sooful

Managing Director, Cornastone Telecommunications

Category: Health Innovation

Dr. Mehmet Tan

TOBB University of Economics and Technology

Category: Health Innovation
Working on drug response prediction for human diseases, especially cancer. Building machine learning methods using available pharmacogenomics data.

Dr Andre Van der Merwe

Chairman Industrial Engineering, Stellenbosch University

Category: Health Innovation
We have an established relationship with University Technology Chemnitz - Fraunhofer IWU chair in titanium manufacturing. Titanium and its alloys are bio-compatible and medical components can be manufactured to replace various parts of the human body. Our focus is rapid manufacturing using subtractive manufacturing, additive manufacturing and incremental sheet metal forming. Body parts are reverse engineered from CT scans to custom-fit each individual. Patents have been registered.