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M.Sc. merve atasoy

Research Asisstant, Environmental Engineering

Category: Climate Change

Anita Bayer

PhD, German Aerospace Center

Category: Climate Change
Anita Bayer obtained a Diploma degree in technical Geosciences from Stuttgart University in 2008. In 2009 she joined the team Applied Spectroscopy within the German Aerospace Center (DLR). She works on the quantitative delineation of soil constituents, especially soil organic carbon, from hyperspectral remote sensing data. The research is focussed on the Thicket Biome, South Africa, where soil carbon stocks and plant diversity get lost by intensive grazing. The work is conducted in intense cooperation with regional restoration networks and universities.

Miss Nwabisa Beba

Spatial Unformation Technologist, AOC Geomatics

Category: Climate Change

Ass. iur. Naumann - El Kady Daniela

Leiterin akademisches Auslandsamt, TFH Georg Agricola

Category: Climate Change