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Alexander Hollberg

Research assistant, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Category: Climate Change

Professor Ruediger Kiesel

Head of Chair for Energy Trading and Finance, University Duisburg-Essen, Faculty of Economics

Category: Climate Change
Emission Markets Theoretical explanation of permit price characteristics in an ordinary scheme, Analysis whether the proposed hybrid schemes are able to avoid the two characteristics jumpy behaviour and convergence of the spot price to zero at the end of the compliance period, Stochastic equilibrium models and Reduced-form models. Electricity Markets: Price dynamics for spot and forwards and pricing forwards and options, Information Premium on Electricity Forward Markets. Risk Management: Development of a structural model for energy-related commodities, Investigation of long-term real investments, such as power plants, and their financial hedging in illiquid commodity markets

M.Sc Marijo Miljkovic

Independent Scientist

Category: Climate Change
I believe that the solutions for energy sources and sinks we should be looking for in the nature. The oceans cover more than 70% of Earth's surface, making them the world’s largest solar collectors and energy storage. LOCKHEED MARTIN was the first company that managed to develop and build the Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) system. I spent several years discovering a new power cycle for OTEC application that allows the increase of the technical work and temperature/pressure difference of working fluid. I believe I discovered the INJECTION POWER CYCLE (IPC). The IPC is, actually, a replacement for the Ammonia-Water Absorption Power Cycle, but it can be applied at lower temperatures and smaller temperature differences between heat sources and sinks. The proof for rapid development of OTEC Power Plants is the contract concluded between LOCKHEED MARTIN (U.S.A.) and REIGNWOOD GROUP (CHINA) for the development and building of the largest OTEC Power Plant. For the details, please visit the following web site page: http://www.lockheedmartin.com/us/mst/features/2013/130416-tapping-into-the-oceans-power.html The OTEC power can be used to produce energy carriers such as hydrogen (stored in HYDRNOL–Organic Liquid Storage or Solid Metal Hydride), which can be shipped to areas not close to OTEC resources. The energy obtained in this way can be called “green energy” and could be used as fuel for thermal power plants, as well as internal combustion vehicles, such as gas turbines and reciprocating engines. The commercialization of such vehicles would be faster and more certain than fuel cells electric ones. Consequently, Hydrogen is the potential green energy in the future. I believe that hydrogen, as the best chemical fuel, is going to replace natural gas, oil and coal, but with practically zero carbon emissions. Pertaining to marine renewable energy technologies, I believe that "Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion" (OTEC) will be the most widely used technology in the future because it provides the greatest working fluid flow and pressure difference.

Jürgen Mühlberger

Mühlberger Produktmodifizierung

Category: Climate Change
Mühlberger Metallbau – Produktmodifizierung is a small business, which primarily supplies custom solutions to the machine and systemconstruction sector. Project-oriented contracts are created by a network of specialised partner companies. As a direct supplier of the VOITH Group, our products are utilised worldwide in paper machines and power plants. Mühlberger Metallbau –Produktmodifizierung would especially like to intensify its contacts with international partners. The goal is for innovative partnerships to jointly find effective solutions to promote all companies involved and make them more competitive.